Did Rihanna Get High With Mom on Mother's Day?

We already knew that Rihanna was 420-friendly. But did the 24-year-old singer really spend Mother's Day getting high with her mom?

It was late in the afternoon yesterday, a minute after 4:20 p.m., and Rihanna sent out a cryptic tweet referring to weed smoking and her potentially toasted mom, Monica Braithwaite.

"420ish .... Hi mom [sic]," she wrote.

A few followers responded, asking if she was in fact having a Mother's Day smoke session with moms. But the singer never elaborated. She did, however, take a few curious Instagram pictures later in the day.

Shortly after the marijuana-related tweet, Rihanna snapped a shot of her mom attacking a rather large Mother's Day cake with a fork and knife and the message, "Real nigga wussup."

Anyone who smokes weed (or has smoked it in the past) knows that "munchies" sink in just after a smoke session. And when you're under the influence, you'll eat just about anything, including, but certainly not limited to, an entire custom cake.

Of course, Ri-Ri's mom may have just been enjoying some sober desert. However, the picture of Braithwaite and her daughter that surfaced a few hours after the cake photo looks remarkably incriminating.

Check Rihanna's eyes ... They're mad squinty. And mom? That's less of a smile and more of a giggle face, a clear sign she's been hitting the blunt.

Do you think that Rihanna treated mom to a Mother's Day smoke session? Take our poll.

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