Dialed In: Last Week's Top Ten From FIU Radio

Dialed In is a weekly column on Crossfade tracking the top-ten lists on South Florida's campus radio stations. Click here to view the top tracks from previous weeks.

Radiate 95.3 FM transmits from the University Park location and 88.1 FM transmits from the Redlands, near Homestead. Both broadcasts play the same mix of independent rock, hip-hop to electronic music and have live FIU news and sports coverage.

1. Psychic Chasms, Neon Indian
2. East of Eden, Taken by Trees3. Embryonic, The Flaming Lips
4. Album, Girls
5. Sunset/Sunrise, Dutchess and the Duke
6. Logos, Atlas Sound
7. Higher than the Stars, Pains of Being Pure at Heart
8. La Roux, La Roux
9. Summertime [EP], The Drums
10. Everything Goes Wrong, Vivian Girls

If you are reading from other South Florida college stations and would like to be included in next week's "Dialed In", please email us to submit your top-ten list.

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