Here's the Miami Marlins Anthem Featuring DJ Khaled That Nobody Requested
Illustration by Tristan Elwell

Here's the Miami Marlins Anthem Featuring DJ Khaled That Nobody Requested

By now, you're probably aware that the Miami Marlins will debut their new and, um, well, different lineup at Marlins Park next Thursday during a nationally televised Opening Day afternoon matchup against the Chicago Cubs. What you likely didn't know, though, is the team will be roll out a new anthem featuring DJ Khaled titled "Just Gettin' Started," which will be performed and released during the season opener.

Blesses up. Wait. Why in hell did the Marlins get their own anthem? Oh, no.

OK, everyone take a deep breath. We're going in.

Right away, there are issues: most glaring, a fast-forward visualization of DJ Khaled proclaiming, "We da best!" at Marlins Park in September while the Marlins lose their 102nd game of the season. "We're just gettin' started" is also not the fiercest rallying cry. It feels a lot like doing a single pushup, standing up, and saying, "I'm gonna be so jacked." There's nothing like a team improving from horrible to bad to get the crowd into a game, right?

The track isn't some basement mixtape project: The Marlins actually requested it. More specific, Derek Jeter himself asked for the song. It's produced by Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, “Jingle” Jared Gutstadt, and Sasha Sirotkin, with a dash of DJ Khaled sprinkled in, along with appearances by Nicky Jam and Kent Jones. Jeter recently told Billboard he wanted to do something that screamed Miami, so this Marlins anthem became a thing:

“Initially, I was brainstorming with Jaymee Messler — who’s with the Players Tribune — and we were thinking about doing something different here in Miami, and really doing something that was reflective of the Miami culture," Jeter explains "We had an opportunity to meet with Jared and Jingle Punks and Poo, and we just started brainstorming. I let them know as an ownership group, we're just getting started here in Miami, and we wanted to do something special for the fan base. Fortunately for us, they were able to come up with a great anthem.”

According to Jeter, Miami is a "party city," and he hopes this song helps people enjoy themselves at Marlins games. If you recall, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross also introduced himself to Miamians via a team song, but he had T-Pain remix and defecate on the Dolphins' fight song. That one went over with Fins fans about as well as you expect this Marlins anthem to go over, and it exists only on YouTube now.

In defense of Jeter, this is actually the best Marlins anthem ever made. That's because a previous song, written and performed by Creed frontman Scott Stapp, called "Marlins Will Soar," is one of the worst sounds to ever pierce human eardrums. So if you look at it that way, Jeter has already done a better job than Jeffrey Loria ever did in Miami.

None of this exactly screams "Seven Nation Army" chants at a Miami Heat game, but it's really harmless in the grand scheme of things. What's more concerning is Jeter thinks this anthem is a good idea and refers to Miami as a "party city." Marlins fans just want wins. Victories, not songs made for a 12-year-old, will improve the ballpark experience.

If "Just Gettin' Started" is your cup of tea, though, you can catch it at Marlins Park against the Chicago Cubs March 29. It will also be released that day on all streaming services, so you can add it to your abs-workout playlist.

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