Deaf Poets Bring the Noise With Heartline Fits at The Stage for Rebel Run Tuesdays

What's got six strings, four hands, a kit full of skins, and a fuzz box?

The Deaf Poets, a two-man band from the MIA featuring

guitarist-songwriter Sean Wouters and drummer Nicolas Espinosa.

The duo's catchy garage sound tempers lo-fi wildness with digital recording value for an ear-friendly dose of modern rock 'n' roll. Catch the duo live at Rebel Run Tuesdays when The Stage presents its weekly live rock showcase.

Deaf Poets will be playing alongside the Heartline Fits, a four-to-the-floor fuck 'n' roll band with guitar solos that'd make Chuck Berry smile. Wynwood's Hellbound City Tattoos will be there slinging ink. There'll be craft beer on tap and more free parking than you can throw a bus full of Buicks at.

Here are some tracks of the Heartline Fits, pretty awesome shit if you ask us, which you didn't, so, decide for yourself.

And here's a video of the Deaf Poets putting in a solid performance just a couple weeks ago at Sweatstock 2011.

So basically, if you're into beer, smoke, live music, going out on Tuesday night, free shows, central locations, no parking hassle, supporting local musicians, supporting new venues, and doing other shit that doesn't suck ... Then this show may be just what you need.

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