Deadmau5: "Ultra's Same Thing Every F#$%ing Year...When's It Going to Be Played Out?"

Wait ...

We thought the whole Deadmau5 vs. Ultra Music Festival thing had been resolved?

Back in December 2011, the King Rat (a repeat Ultra headliner) kicked off a largely one-sided feud by posting a YouTube rant that slammed the festival for its high ticket prices, exclusivity contracts, and doing the "same fucking thing every year."

Unsurprisingly, the Mau5 sat out last year's UMF, perhaps in protest. But then two months ago, it was revealed that he'd be returning to Ultra in 2013. And so, it seemed as thought the beef had been squashed.

Apparently not, though. Because in a new Vibe cover story, Deadmau5 gets back to bashing the fest, bitching (again) that "Ultra is the same thing every fucking year."

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Umm, isn't it ironic that the Mau5 complaining about UMF being repetitive while saying the same fucking thing he did last year?

Yeah ... But he does have a few new points. Like, he's bored with Ultra being superlitigious.

"I mean every time I say something about fucking Ultra," the DJ complains, "that fucking dude calls us up, fucking bitches us out -- 'Argh, I'm going to sue you.'

"Whatever man."

We wonder if "that fucking dude" happens to be UMF founder Russell Faibisch. (You know, the guy who signs Deadmau5's big fat checks.) But whatever the true identity of the bitchy caller, this DJ-ing crusader isn't especially pissed at any particular individual.

Nope, Mr. Mau5's pet peeve is Ultra Music Festival itself. Or, like, just huge fucking corporate music festivals in general, man.

"I'm tired of talking about Ultra, even if I had something good to say," he tells Vibe, "Ultra is the same thing every fucking year. And so is Lollapalooza. I haven't really noticed a change, and if they have changed, then maybe I have my head too far up my own ass.

"When is it going to be played out?"

Of course, we here at Crossfade love muckrakers and troublestarters.

But Deadmau5 sprays his rage like a blind guy with a sawed-off shotgun. He's indiscriminate. He's got shitty aim. And he seems spooked by everything -- Ultra, Pauly D, Madonna, etc.

Now maybe the King Rat feels guilty about all of his mainstream megasuccess. But he's never gonna gain any extra cred from the underground (or whatever) if he keeps taking big fat checks from all those people that he claims are destroying dance music.

It's time to take a real stand. Or shut up. Because we're really starting to ask ourselves ...

"When is Deadmau5 going to be played out?"

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