Deadmau5: EDM Is Commercial Crap, Just an Acronym for "Event-Driven Marketing"

EDM is a massive crap pile of commercialism.

Or, that is to say, EDM superstar Deadmau5 thinks it might be totes lame now. And he's talking about it on the Internet ... Again.

In a recent interview, the longtime hater and overpaid button-pusher told Billboard that he thought the industry had become a farm for underachievers and he wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing died just like '70s disco.

We paraphrase, but you can check out the video after the cut.

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Basically, this bro in a suit is all, "Hey, Deadmau5, what do you think of the current state of EDM?" And Mr. Zimmerman lets him know he thinks it's boring and stupid and all about the Benjamins.

"The way that I see EDM as of right now," Zimmerman says. "Yeah, it's a healthy industry for sure. Minimal work for maximum profit, really. EDM is like, 'Event-Driven Marketing' is the acronym there."

He adds that it's a lot like disco back in the day, which managed a bit more than a decade of relevancy, only to crash and burn like the Hindenburg of dance floors. He said he could see that happening all over again.

"I'm not ruling that out yet," he said. "It's just really interesting to see that not too many people are forward-thinking about electronic music and they're just kinda like, 'Now, now, now, do it, do it, do it.'"

Basically, dance music promoters are junkies and producers are giving them hollow gimmick fixes for a jacked-up price. He goes on to discuss the money machine, Forbes Magazine, and the effect of cash on the scene.

"Why is Forbes writing about electronic music, first of all," he said, "because it's a money issue now. It's something interesting to talk about in terms of investments and stuff like that."

But Deadmau5, weren't we all here for the music? Guess we have to amend PLUR with a dollar sign, y'all. This movement may not be too big to fail.

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