Deadmau5 and Kat Von D in Love, Have Super-Tatted Sexy Time

See also "Deadmau5 Obsessed With Kat Von D, Uploads 43-Photo Album to Facebook."

Move over, Mr. Meowingtons! 'Cause EDM's biggest hater has a new favorite kitty kat.

Turns out, Deadmau5, who sometimes seems to hate everyone and everything (including himself), is totally head-over-heels in love with the greatest Miami Ink spin-off ever, Kat Von D.

The Mau5 has even taken to Twitter to show how serious he is about this tatted-up feline friend. He keeps posting Instagram photos of the two being all adorbs and telling the trolls to go fuck themselves before they have the chance to crack jokes.

But we here at Crossfade are going to LOLz anyway.

UPDATE Deadmau5 Allegedly Cheated on Kat Von D and Now They're All Broken Up

Looks like the Kat and Mau5 games are getting pretty heavy. You know it's real when he tweets it.

Awww! It's pretty serious, guys. They both just sit around, tweeting different pictures of each other and his cats, including little less-than-three hearts in their retweets. It's almost cheesier than Deadmau5's original productions. Guess he got his reward.

Does this signal the beginning of a new era for the Mau5? Will love forever change him? Will his Tumblr updates stop being full of vitriol and wah-wahing? Maybe some Kanye-esque musings? An album dedicated to their love and her perfect ass? At the very least, he's gotta get some free tattoos out of it.

Whatever, we're not hating. We're happy for the guy. He's happy, she's happy, the cats are happy. It's fairly obvious the Mau5 is already pussy-whipped, so maybe it'll work. And if it doesn't? Well, breakup albums are pretty much always the best.

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