David Bisbal on His New Sound: "I've Always Been an Artist Who Likes to Be Current"

Miami has gotten that much spicier as Latin acts from around the globe convene to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards.

Perhaps the only man in the world who can pull off a head of bouncy curls, David Bisbal, will be in town to promote his newest album, Tu y Yo. He'll be co-headlining the 25th anniversary concert with Luis Fonsi at LIV tonight, and he will also perform during Thursday night's awards ceremony.

We here at Crossfade chatted with Bisbal about his new pop sound, working with Fonsi once again, and the importance of award shows.

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Crossfade: What can you tell me about your latest album, Tu y Yo?

David Bisbal: Well, it's been three weeks since the album has been on sale, and I'm very happy with the public's acceptance of my new sound that I worked on with [producer] Sebastian Krys. Most of all, I'm really enjoying being able to perform songs from the album at various concerts. It's an album that uses natural, organic sounds. But at the same time, it blends in some electronic elements like synthesizers and more ambient rhythms.

How do you feel this album is different than your first one, Corazon Latino, in 2002? How has your sound evolved since then?

This one is an album that is totally different from my first album. My first album was very Latino, very tropical -- with songs like "Ave Maria" and 'Llorare la Penas." But Tu y Yo doesn't have much to do with romance. There are some romantic songs, but not like the classic ballads on my first album. The times change, and I've always been an artist who likes to be current.

At the Billboard Latin Music Conference's 25th anniversary concert, you'll be co-headlining with Luis Fonsi. What can you tell us about what you have planned for the performance?

Firstly, I'd like to say how happy I am to be reunited with my good friend Luis Fonsi once again. On many occasions, we've sung and performed together in various countries: Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, the United States. I think he's been the artist that I've most collaborated with throughout my musical career; therefore, I know that I will be very comfortable on the stage with him. It's going to be a small concert that we're putting on together, and I hope that on this very important anniversary for Billboard that the audience will really enjoy it. We're currently working on getting together and rehearsing and figuring out what we're going to sing for the performance."

So would you say that you enjoy performing at events like this more when you're sharing the stage with a good friend?

It's special in the sense that we already know each other and are friends, so then we already know how the other works. Everything will just come across more natural that way. I've collaborated and performed with plenty of other artists. But with Fonsi, I've always felt very comfortable -- apart from the fact that I greatly admire his music.

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Of all the other artists, like Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony, who will be attending the conference this week, who are you most excited to see?

They're all great friends and fellow musicians. I like to maintain a good relationship with all of them. At one point or another, we've been able to talk about our careers, our music, the collaborations we've done. All the artists you mentioned -- Fonsi, Enrique, Marc -- I'm going to be very happy to see them again.

Since your album is so new, are you a little sad that you weren't nominated for any Billboard Latin Music Awards this year?

Right! I wasn't nominated because my new album barely has three weeks out! [Laughs] It's too soon. But I'm very happy that I'm still singing. The awards are important because they celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow artists, but these events are also a great time to sing and showcase new music, as well as mingle with our friends in the business. I have a very young album, so it's not my turn to be nominated. Hopefully, next year I will be!

What do you think is more important at these events: the artists or the awards?

Well, for me, I think they're both important. For us artists who are only performing new songs from our forthcoming albums or presenting, events like these are extremely important because it's an event where they're giving out very important awards, so a lot of people will be watching. It's a great opportunity. And the awards aspect is also very important because they motivate an artist. It's like seeing all the hard work from the past year actualized and recognized by your peers in the industry.

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The Billboard Latin Music Conference 25th Anniversary Concert with Luis Fonsi and David Bisbal at LIV, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 8 p.m. Visit billboardevents.com/latin.

Billboard Latin Music Awards 2014. With Juanes, Laura Pausini, David Bisbal, Chayanne, and others. Thursday, April 24. BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables. Los premios starts at 7 p.m. Registration costs $715 plus fees. Visit billboardevents.com/latin.

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