Dave Nada and DJ Craze

Money $hot, the neon-and-shades-heavy Thursday-night throwdown at The Vagabond, continues its romance with all things Baltimore this week by bringing down that town's latest rising DJ star, Dave Nada. A favorite on blogs such as Discobelle, Nada has a style that's a rapid-fire cut-and-paste, moving from bass bump to electro grind and back, with just enough face-down/ass-up sleaze to get a party really started. He's an ex-hardcore (punk) kid, and that old pent-up aggro energy shoots out on his quickly-selling singles for T&A, the label run by his occasional DJ partner Tittsworth. Nada's appearance in Miami is part of the Los Borrachos Locos tour, also featuring hometown hero DJ Craze, fresh off his stint as tour DJ for Kanye West. But he's not the only homegrown champ returning from a high-profile spin around the country: Contra will be back tonight, on a break from spinning for Santogold. Money $hot residents Induce (New Times' 2008 Best Club DJ) and Mike Deuce round out the lineup for what promises to be a sweaty, half-dressed affair.

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