Danny Daze's "Your Everything" Is Seducing Soundsystems Everywhere (Video)

Danny Daze started out like every Miami DJ: spinning at South Beach clubs and downtown joints, trying to earn a buck.

But deep down, there was an electronic music artist waiting to come out. And now, whether it's under his own name, DiscoTech, or Señor Stereo, Daze seems ready for serious recognition.

Last year, the DiscoTech outfit produced "IMMIA (We Know How To Play)," the perfect Miami party anthem to counteract all the bad ones, like LMFAO's "I'm in Miami, Bitch" and Will Smith's "Miami."

The track was simple enough, bragging about what Miami does best: Partying. But it avoided corny cliches of girls in polka-dot bikinis, instead delivering an ominous backbeat, proclaiming, "M-I-A-M-I, I am M-I-A /The whole world knows that we know how to play," followed by a whirring breakdown.

And while Daze's latest offering, "Your Everything" featuring Louisahhh!!!, is a solo effort, it sticks with a similarly dark tone. But this isn't a party song — at least not at first. The track comes off as a stalker's love letter, thanks to a sinister melody and lyrics like, "Your eyes, your lips, your everything/The way you walk, the way you talk, your everything/I just wanna know if you are going to be with me."

Daze released accompanying visuals for the track last month, directed by Carlos Dominicis and featuring dancer and nightlife fixture Grace Jones. But if you find yourself wanting the track, it's available for purchase via iTunes and Beatport along with B-side "Fall Away From Love."

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