Daniel Dubb's From the Heart Cancer Benefit Party: "Quality Music and a Great Cause"

Hundreds of international DJs will soon be in town to provide the soundtrack for the world's most massive hedonist orgy, also known as Miami Music Week.

But one of them is here on a decidedly nobler mission than making molly-addled ravers gurn. Canadian DJ-producer and DV8 label boss Daniel Dubb is here to fight the war on cancer at From the Heart, a special benefit party he will be hosting at the Mondrian South Beach on March 26.

"[From the Heart] is all about trying to unite people through quality music and a great cause," Dubb tells Crossfade, "to raise money to aid people in the research and relief of cancer and cancer victims of all kinds."

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"Almost everyone I know, in some way or form has been effected -- whether through a loved one or a friend -- by this terrible disease. I personally have lost a handful of loved ones from cancer, and currently my mother is battling the disease for the second time in the past three years."

"One thing a lot of people are not exposed to is the mass varieties of treatments out there," he explains. "Our goal is to raise as much as possible to give to charities and research that are actually trying to help eliminate this deadly disease and aid the people who cannot afford the treatments that can actually save their lives."

If you've already blown your budget on tickets for Ultra and the gazillion MMW parties taking place this year, that's no excuse not to swing by. From the Heart will be a free event, with funds collected through a donation station and one-hundred percent of the money raised going towards special cancer foundations. So party for free and donate what you can -- every bit helps.

"In choosing a foundation it is difficult, because many have different agendas and how they use the money donated," explains Dubb. "We decided to go with the International Agency for Research on Cancer and World Child Cancer, which were both chosen by my mother after extensive research into various foundations."

"We chose those particular foundations due to the nature of each -- one being a leading international foundation for research into cancer, and the other being a foundation that aids cancer-sick children all over the world that are unable to pay for medical treatments themselves."

Of course the stellar DJ lineup is reason enough reason to attend From the Heart, with international house and techno heavyweights like Argy, Paolo Rocco and Chad Andrew aboard. And considering that these DJs are all donating their talent for free to support the cause is a great reminder that there are still true humanitarians in an increasingly ego and money-driven commercial EDM scene.

"We didn't want the biggest names in dance music," explains promoter and From the Heart co-host Ben Finx. "We wanted more of an intimate vibe of pure talent and not hype. The sole purpose of putting this together was that everyone is doing it from the heart, by not taking any fees for their work."

"I have to give everyone involved a huge thank you for being so supportive with this project," he adds. "It seems to me like there is more than fame and money, but the vision we believe in: bringing people from all over the world to spread the power of music, which is to enjoy the moment."

Visit the DV8 website to make a donation to the world cancer funds.

From the Heart Sunset Party. Presented by Daniel Dubb and Ben Finx. Wednesday, March 26. Mondrian South Beach, 1100 West Ave., Miami Beach. The event begins at noon and ends at 3 a.m. Call 305-514-1500 or visit mondrian-miami.com.

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