Dan Hosker: Memorial Services for Local Punk Hero Scheduled for This Friday in Hollywood

See also "Dan Hosker, Famed South Florida Punk and Holy Terrors Guitarist, Dead at 46."

In 2008, Miami New Times contributor José Dávila wrote a feature story entitled "The Holy Terrors Rise Again," chronicling the return of a "raging art-punk quartet" that he called "the defining soundtrack for those living in the frantic Miami of the '90s."

And to use Dávila's phrase, this four-piece "remained a band, more or less," until this past Saturday when founding guitarist Dan Hosker tragically passed away at the age of 46.

The Terrors began in 1990 after Hosker and Rob Elba quit an outfit named Inside Outburst, left their native Boston, and relocated to Miami where they eventually hooked up with (future Interpol) drummer Sam Fogarino as well as bass players Frank Labrador and William Trev.

They released local classic Lolitaville. They broke up. They got back together, minus Fogarino. They dropped an excellent rarities record called This Is What It Sounds Like When Youre Dead. And they even managed to reunite the entire original lineup for a one-off at Churchill's Pub in 2010.

"We are family," Hosker told New Times in 2008. "Rob is my oldest friend. I've known him since 1984."

Of course, though, Hosker wasn't referring to Elba alone. This "family" also included his other Holy Terrors brothers -- Fogarino and Labrador and Trev -- as well as many friends and collaborators from all the outfits in which he had held down full- or part-time duties, such as Harry Pussy, Laundry Room Squelchers, and Boise Bob & His Backyard Band.

Surely, each and every member of this extended musical family are echoing The Holy Terrors' heartbroken goodbye to their guitarist, friend, and sibling: Dan Hosker was "the true heart and soul of the band. He cannot -- and will not -- be replaced."

Memorial Services for Dan Hosker. Friday, August 17. Landmark Funeral Home, 4200 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. The viewing will be from 4 to 7 p.m. and services will take place from 7 to 8.

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