Queer Collective Internet Friends Premieres Music Video With NYC Rapper Dai Burger

"Everybody’s always talking about L.A. and New York, but Miami’s got some cute shit too," says Gami, DJ and founder of the "ultra-femme/trans" creative collective Internet Friends. Along with fellow DJ and cofounder Keanu Orange, Internet Friends is on a mission to draw more visibility to the city's ongoing queer, underground music scene while being a "platform for artists to express themselves."

Instrumental in uniting members of Miami's queer underground, Gami has provided the music at countless late-night dance parties, warehouse raves, and festivals. That includes the wildly successful Wigwood, which Internet Friends has served as the online network for outsourcing like-minded performers and introducing artists to local gigs.

"We do a lot of campaigns for our events," Gami says. It's critical because many of the outside artists Internet Friends books to play its parties have performed in Miami rarely if ever before. That's how the idea was born to create a series of mini music videos. Gami and company began approaching artists last year with the plan, and the performers were very receptive.

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Gami put together teams of local artists to collaborate on the videos, which feature fresh, previously unreleased music from the out-of-town talent. "It’s very impromptu, almost like documenting their time in Miami through the music video," Gami says of the productions. In addition to promoting the artists' music, Gami says creating the videos was also exciting for the local photographers, models, and editors because they had the opportunity to interact with talent from other cities. "Becoming Internet Friends is becoming friends in real life," Gami says of the talent mashup.

Underground queens: NYC rapper Dai Burger (center) with models @so_p0sh and @sensitive.black.hottie.EXPAND
Underground queens: NYC rapper Dai Burger (center) with models @so_p0sh and @sensitive.black.hottie.

The collective is kicking off its series of three "girl-power" mini music videos with New York underground rap princess Dai Burger, whom Internet Friends booked to play its Halloween party last October. "It was dope," Dai says of her time shooting the clip in Miami. "[Gami] connected me with femme, queer people of color out there, and we made some great visuals. I'm excited to share it."

New Times has the exclusive premiere of the clip, which Gami describes as a "girls-on-AOL-go-wild aesthetic... It's very Internet Friends for sure." Watch the full video above, and be sure to check back soon — the collective is set to drop its next two videos in the series soon.

Directed/styled by: @yasgami @internetfriends.us
Shot by: @seanmichaelmccabe
Edited by:@m___schubert
Models: @sensitive.black.hottie @so_p0sh

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