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Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Given Miami "Cumbia Remix" by Afro Kumbe/Locos Por Juana

Like 94 percent of the world's population that listens to music, the guys of experimental cumbia collective Locos Por Juana cannot get Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" out of their heads.

"Personally, I fell in love with Nile Rodgers' guitar," says Locos Por Juana guitarist Mark Kondrat. "The funky guitar, the Daft Punk kick drum, the electronic vibe, that whole marriage was amazing to me."

So, when the Grammy-nominated Miami musicians hit the road earlier this year for a summer tour, "Get Lucky," with a cumbia twist, became part of their live set.

And now, it's part of the Afro Kumbé (the group's electro side project) catalog. You can download the track for free via SoundCloud.

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"One thing we always do is spread the Miami 305 culture," Kondrat says. "'Get Lucky' is such a party song, and we're such a party band that it was a perfect fit. We had to put our twist on it."

Similar to the tracks on Afro Kumbé's first mixtape (also available for free on SoundCloud), the "Get Lucky" remix is a brilliant world music mashup.

Frontman Itagui Correa's Spanish-language flow adds a funky element to Pharrell's hook that you didn't even realize was missing until the group's Colombian vibe is mixed with Daft Punk's sexy '70s-esque sound.

Luckily, Kondrat says that he and the group is committed to releasing more tracks like "Get Lucky" under the Afro Kumbé moniker.

"Our plan with Afro Kumbé is to keep doing it, keep releasing free mixtapes, and take it as far as it takes us."

The group is also working on a new Locos Por Juana record, and is about to launch a monthly, international music concert series, La Fiesta Loca, at The Stage on August 16.

"There's a lot of great music in Miami, and a lot of great bands coming through, but we could always use more," says Kondrat. "That's the whole idea of La Fiesta Loca, to get Miami acquainted with some of these acts that we've been able to see [on tour].

"We have a great local scene, great talent," he adds. "But nothing helps the local scene like getting some bands from outside to come."

Locos Por Juana. As part of La Fiesta Loca. Friday, August 16. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-576-9577 or visit

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