Daft Punk Scores Tron: Legacy; Stream Six of the Songs Here

We all heard electronic music legends Daft Punk were going to compose a full-length score for the movie Tron: Legacy last year, but we kind of took it with a grain of salt.

I mean sure, Tron is all about robots, and some of the costumes look really similar to what Daft Punk wear, but we found them scoring a movie a little hard to believe.

Well, now it's confirmed, and so is the movie's release date: December 17.  

We scoured the internet looking for the best versions of the songs, and though Disney was only streaming three of them, Seattle Radio Station 107.7 had a whole six.

This is the first musical release from the band since 2005's Human After All (not including their Live album Alive in 2007, of course). But what can you expect to hear from the dance beats duo?

It's a bit dark, and we definitely hear Daft Punk's trademark digital elements mixed in with strings. You won't hear any words in these instrumentals, but then again, we don't hear vocals from them too often.

Click here to have a listen, go to the film's official Disney site, or see the trailer below. What do you think of Daft Punk's latest release? Would you go see the film just to hear the synergy between robotic band and robotic movie?

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