Crystal Castles' Alice Glass Punches Fan in the Face -- And He Still Loves Her Anyway

Anyone that's already gotten tickets for Crystal Castles' performance at Grand Central on September 11, probably has an idea of what they're getting themselves into.

Sure, lead vocalist of the electronic dance duo, Alice Glass, has a tendency to drunkenly stumble on stage and slur her words while she's performing, but we probably wouldn't love her any other way.

They are known for bringing the chaos live, and their latest performance at Latitude Festival in the UK on Saturday is proof positive that Glass packs a mean punch... literally.

Sure, Glass shocked show-goers a little when she swan dove off stage to crowd surf mid-song, but that wasn't the real kicker. She lashed out on a fan for allegedly being groped, and proceeded to beat up 17-year-old Samuel Brooks as he just stood there, dumbstruck. We're not kidding.

Brooks told his side of the story on NME, saying,

"I didn't 'grope' Alice Glass. I touched her by accident. It was an extremely violent moshpit, total chaos, everyone was screaming because they were falling back. I was lying on the floor, reached up to steady myself - and that's when I clutched her breast... I remember her trying to punch, kick and spit at me. I find spitting disgusting so I grabbed her. She got carried further back as I was trampled on."

Apparently this went on for a while, but it hasn't stopped Brooks from pledging his love for Alice, as he continued on, saying,

"Was I surprised at the way she reacted? No. I love Crystal Castles, and I knew what to expect. I saw them at Reading 2009, and that time Alice jumped in the crowd and landed on my face. But at Latitude she seemed more hyperactive than usual. None of this stops me being a fan. In fact, I can't wait to see them again."

Obviously we don't expect this level of insanity at Grand Central, or maybe we should. See the video of the fight/performance below, and look out at 5:51. Pace yourself if you're going to the show on the 11th, and tell us the truth: Would you still be a fan of a band if they punched you in the face?

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