Crocodiles Coming to Grand Central November 3, According to the Internet UPDATED

The internet is a loose-lipped, mischievous bitch. If you've got a secret, do not tell her. She's always slipping gooey gobs of gossip into our inbox and whispering dirty little nuggets of hearsay in foreign ears. That girl just can't be trusted.

Anyway, latest rumor out her mouth: On November 3, the post-post-punk kids of San Diego's Crocodiles will be crawling down NE Second Avenue for a show at Grand Central. As usual, Ms. Web first blabbed on the band's MySpace and then opened her fat yap on and Pitchfork.

Disclaimer: These whisperings haven't been officially confirmed. But Crossfade has reached out to the appropriate authorities, so further info should be coming soon. We'll update you with the complete details as soon as something comes off the wire from a reliable source.

The internet? She's a frequent provider of misinformation and we've got ample reason not to trust her.

UPDATE: Turns out, Ms. Web wasn't lying this time. We just received confirmation from Poplife that the Crocs will indeed fly down to SoFla five weeks from now. It's official, people.

With Golden Triangle and Dirty Beaches. Wednesday, November 3. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. 305-377-2277;

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S. Pajot