Cris Cab Talks Pharrell, Wyclef Jean, Big Sean: "I'm Blessed to Work With Those Heavyweights"

How awesome would it be if there were entire orchards of fruit-bearing woody plants with full-grown human females dangling from the branches, instead of apples, oranges, or mangoes?

Unfortunately, that's just Crossfade's kinky agri-sexual fantasy. And even though it might seem that local pop-hop crooner Cris Cab and famous homie Pharrell probably live in a world where beautiful women can be picked like peaches ... They don't.

Even the music world's elite got romantic problems. Just listen to Cab's track "Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)," co-written by the Neptunes dude and produced by Wyclef Jean with a verse by Big Sean.

So before last night's gig at Grand Central, we sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation with Cris about "Good Girls," trees, romance, jet-setting, and hitting the studio with Pharrell, Wyclef, and Sean.

What is Cris Cab's jet-set schedule these days? Where are you livin'? Where are you chillin'? Where are you recording?

I have probably been home in Miami a total of four weeks in the last seven months. Between touring and recording, I'm barely ever home. But besides missing my family, I love traveling and being on the road. I have been keeping a checklist of which cities I have been so far, and it's starting to get long.

I live in Miami. I chill on the beach. I record either at my studio here in Miami or NYC.

Your Facebook and Twitter have been loaded up with pics and reports from the studio. What's the next big project on deck?

We don't have a title just yet. But a new project will be coming at the end of September.

Obviously, "Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)" is the big push right now. Is there any way to fail with a roster like Cris Cab, Big Sean, Wyclef, and Pharrell?

I don't take anything for granted. The fans will always decide if they like the music or not. They can always see through the hype. I am blessed to work with those heavyweights, but their involvement will only open more ears to give it a chance. After that, the fans make up their own mind

What have these superskilled dudes taught you about the music game?

Not to be scared to be unique and to be yourself.

What is a good girl?

One who is loyal, honest, and a Cris Cab fan!

Has Cris Cab ever been the reason a good girl gone bad?

Hmmmmm ... I make bad girls go good.

Last question: If good girls did, in fact, grow on trees ... How many would you pick?

Only one, my friend. Can't be greedy. Have to leave some for others.

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