Cox Radio's Brian Elam on Why 93 Rock Got Killed for Christmas

Take Crossfade's 93 Rock "Radio Sucks" poll.

After discovering late Saturday night that 93.1 FM made the switch (or, as many commenters claim, "improvement") from crappy alt-rock to 24/7 holiday music, Crossfade sent mega-broadcaster Cox Radio a few questions.

And today, since regular office hours have resumed, the suits finally got back to us. Well, one suit in particular: Mr. Brian Elam, the Vice President and General Manager for WFLC-FM and WHDR-FM.

His answers aren't especially colorful. Just the facts, really. At least, though, we got confirmation that 93.1 Holiday Nightmare won't last forever.

New Times: When was 93 Rock officially axed?

Cox Radio's Brian Elam: 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Why was it decided that a change was necessary?

The station's ratings in Arbitron [a marketing and media research firm] were underperforming.

Will there be a format change? If so, are there any specific plans? A dance station?

Yes, there will be a change.

How long will 93.1 FM be set to 24/7 holiday music? Till the New Year?

No longer than New Years. [This seemed obvious. But thank fucking Zeus.]

How many employees did the station have? Did these people lose their jobs? Or will they be returning once the new format is put in place?

Unfortunately the change resulted in a few on-air people no longer being needed. [Naughty] Natalia [De La Cruz] was a long time valued employee of Cox Media Group Miami and we wish her and the part-time announcers that weren't retained great success and [we] hope to find a position for them somewhere within Cox Media Group.

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