Conga Lines and Puerto Rican Chicas: Photos From the Throng at Calle Ocho 2011

Like most of Dade County, Crossfade spent Sunday among the million-strong throng at Calle Ocho. We got sunburned, stupid drunk, and totally soaked in the sweat of random strangers. It was awesome.

But today, we're kinda bummed. As we said in our earlier missive to the Ocho nation: "Perfectly greasy arepas, warm Presidente, and pure party music should be celebrated 100 percent of the freaking time."

Yet unfortunately, this isn't a 24/7 Calle Ocho universe. And so, we just gotta try to hold on as long as possible. A couple of hours ago, we reminisced with some video. And now we've got a stack of photographs.

See the cut for pics of conga lines, Puerto Rican chicas, and drum circles at Calle Ocho 2011.

See the full 35-photo Calle Ocho 2011 slideshow.

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