Concert Review--KRS-One at Studio A

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KRS-One w/ guests Garcia, Brimstone127, The Major League; hosted by DJ Raw

Friday, September 14, 2007

Studio A

Better Than: The Spank Rock show at PS14 the same night!

The Review:

So the locals must be wondering: “KRS-One again?” Seeing that his last Studio A performance was a little over six months ago, KRS is back in South Florida and really, can you complain? He’s The Teacha, the Philosopha, the Greatest MC of All Time! And his performance last Friday night made it evident – KRS may be a bit wonky when he lectures on the “spirituality of hip-hop” but the man knows how to put on a show.

The night was brought to you by CP Recordings, Miami-based record label and event promoters whose signature “CP” logo was impossible to miss. Promotional t-shirts with their trademark emblazed flew threw the crowd as host DJ Raw and his 10+ KOP coalition flooded the stage at each intermission. Oh, did I mention that this event was hosted by DJ Raw, former New Times cover boy who, on the mic, made it clear that he did 10 years for Miami’s hip-hop and ya’ll better recognize!

Broward’s own, Major League, kicked off the night and did their thing – spitting out originals from their “Grand Larceny” mixtape along with some new joints as well. Not too shabby, considering the PA system sucked throughout their set. Then local hip-hop cape crusader, Brimstone127 raided the stage with his high-octane performance that would make a toddler scream with joy. Brim knows entertainment and his rundown of skits, dance moves and lyrical prowess should’ve brought this man to Broadway.

However, Brim’s all-to-loving “Any B-boy out there, come up on stage!” request unfortunately was the death of his set due to some whack-ass idiot who jumped on stage and apparently, security forgot to tell him to get off. Who was that guy? How drunk was he? Did he mistake Studio A for Club Space?

If only that was the end of him. This idiot continued to bum-rush the stage, even throughout Garcia’s set. Knowing full well that Garcia is that type of dude who will indeed straight knuckle-punch you when instigated, thankfully, this fucktard finally stepped aside.

Speaking of Garcia and Heckler fo’ President, can someone please give these two dudes their respectable props? The Crazy Hood fam was in full swing as their 20 minute set bowed out with the classic, “When I say 3-0, ya’ll say 5!” repertoire.

Finally – KRS-One. If you are a hip-hop fan, watching KRS is like watching history. As he spit classics such as “South Bronx,” “MCs Act Like They Don’t Know,” and “Sound of da Police” … the crowd was electrified. The only tidbit that I’d like to point out was where the hell was KRS-One’s security? Crowd control the stage, please. There were like 50 fools up on that stage trying to get down! No one wants to see your wackness up there crowding KRS’s spotlight! Stay back, you groupies, damn!

Crtics Notebook

Personal Bias: The crazy beatbox battle between Komakazie of Major League and some old-skool Miami beatbox dude (whose name escapes me) went at it. Koma killed it with his beatbox rendition of the HOV’s “Brush your Shoulders Off” -- this kid needs to try out for MTV’s Making the Band 5 or something. Sick talent and a whole lot of swagger – you go boy!

Random Detail: Old-skool New York MC, Society, was drunk as a motherfucker, up on stage, trying to stand up straight. Damn, B … do you really need to perpetuate the stereotype that all washed-up old-skool rappers are now alcoholics?!?

By the Way: CP Recordings, please re-do your promo t-shirts. The logos on the back were way too lo-res. I know they were free but damn, how you gonna make me rock a t-shirt with a giant pixilated Hennessey logo on the back!?!

--Esther Park

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.