Concert Announcements: Emilie Autumn at Culture Room and Two Tours Collide at Talent Farm

Insanely talented musician, poet, cabaret act, and acquired taste Emilie Autumn is playing Culture Room November 26. You might have heard her playing with The Chelsea (an all female band fronted by Courtney Love) and Hole, or on Metalocalypse playing the violins for the London Philharmonic. Tickets for the show go on sale October 16.

Two tours collide at Talent Farm: The Don't Forget Your CalculaTOUR (seriously) brings Schoolboy Humor, and Days Difference, and Allstar, while the other tour brings Teen Heat, Hello DangerMetroid, and External Bliss. The lucky folks that show up to the Talent Farm on October 23 will be able to see both these tours in one night. Check the website for details.

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