Concert Announcements: Brooks & Dunn and Black Eyed Peas

The most successful musical duo ever, Brooks & Dunn, are calling it quits. After selling about a bazillion records, playing every major city in the world, and winning a couple dozen awards, Kix and Ronnie have decided enough is enough. At least after one last tour... If you're a fan of their work, your last chance to check out the duo live in South Florida is June 12. They've announced they'll be stopping in West Palm Beach, so unless they've decided to play a little club, they'll be playing Cruzan Amphitheater. Tickets will be on sale through Live Nation soon-ish. Stay tuned to Crossfade when the details become more concrete.

In a tour that many people hope will be their farewell tour, the Black Eyed Peas will be kicking off in Atlanta on February 4 and heading right to the American Airlines Arena on February 6. What's unique about this tour you ask? Great question! Will.I.Am has been talking a big game, promising anyone who goes to their shows will see "events and effects that have never been seen before." 

What we know for sure is the BEP will be web-casting the backstage preparations for a few hours before every show, Will.I.Am will be spinning DJ sets while the crowd awaits the whole band to take the stage, and party buses will be parked outside every venue to shuttle fans to an after party. At least you'll be getting your money's worth (starting at $46.50) when you pick up your tickets through Ticketmaster

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Brett Gillin