Concert Announcements: Bowfire at Dreyfoos Hall, SAQ at Culture Room

Looking for things to do this holiday season? Here are a couple shows that can get you away from your family for at least a few hours. On December 26, after you've probably spent about 48 hours too long with people you'd rather never see again, get some of that aggression out at Culture Room. That's when a slew of metal bands will be showing up to obliterate any leftover holiday cheer that might be lingering in the air. Headliner SAQ make it their musical mission to place the heavy ahead of the metal. Yeah, they're classically trained musicians, and yes they can positively thrash, but what makes SAQ different from most other bands is the fact they care more about the grit, grime, and crunch behind their chords then the chords themselves. SAQ will be joined by Thrash or Die, Synapticide, Edge of Anger, and Paralysis. Tickets are available at the door starting at $5.

On the polar opposite of the musical spectrum, Bowfire is going to ring in the new year at Dreyfoos Hall. On December 31, the 18-piece Canadian act will end their tour in West Palm Beach. In case you're not up on this type of thing, Bowfire is more than 18 people on one stage, each armed with a violin or fiddle, flailing wildly while being backed by another full band and a handful of dancers. Those who've seen Bowfire perform in the past will be quick to point out the highlight of the show comes when each dancer and musician gets their chance to show off their skills in the solo portion. Tickets start at $20 and are available now through Ticketmaster.

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Brett Gillin