Concert Announcements: Astari Nite at Culture Room and Naughty by Nature at Revolution

A couple recent concert announcements bring a little something for people on both your naughty and nice lists this Christmas. If you or someone you know happens to be on the nice list, consider celebrating Christmas (or at least the ghost of Christmas) a couple weeks early with local stars Astari Nite, Leading The Heroes, Rebel, Dalehite-AE & Special Guest DJs at Culture Room on December 12 for the Christmas Ghost show. Tickets start at $5 and are available at the door the night of the show.

Celebrate a naughty Christmas just a few days later with Treach, Vin

Rock, and DJ Kay Gee (a.k.a. Naughty By Nature) at Revolution on

December 19. Here's a little something you might not remember about

NBN: They won a Grammy in 1996 for Poverty's Paradise. Strangely

enough, despite this mainstream success and a few messy court battles

over finances, NBN is still revered for remaining "true to their roots"

and maintain quite a bit of hardcore hip-hop credibility. All three

original members are back together, working on a new album, and hitting

the road for a winter tour. This show is obviously not for kids, so

have an ID that says you're 18 or over in order to get in. Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster.

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Brett Gillin