Cog Nomen Premieres New EP and Music Video at Libertine

Last time we checked on Cog Nomen, guitarist Buffalo Brown and drummer Ulysses Perez were campaigning to help raise funds for the release of their upcoming EP, Twin Stars. The Kickstarter campaign was also aiming to fund the production for the band's music video for “Fear of Missing Out," a project that was going to be a collaboration with the Third Horizon team behind the critically acclaimed short-film Papa Machete.

Well, flash forward ten months and now the ambient robot-voiced electro-pop duo is just about ready to debut its new music video. We sat down with Brown to discuss their campaign efforts and how production has progressed since.

New Times: It has been some time since you kicked off the fundraising campaign for the video. How have things gone? Did you meet all of your goals? Did you come across any challenges?
Brown: We met our Kickstarter/fundraiser goal just about 12 hours before the 30-day campaign deadline. It was a real nail biter and then over the final few hours, a handful of people decided to help us some more and then it was over. For those 30 days, the campaign became my full-time job — sending e-mails, social media, etc. — and somehow I maintained the rest of my career and life. My music partner, Ulysses, made sure that we create a sonic world that was consistent with our vision for the new release, something akin to rock from the astral.

How was the creative process while working on the video? Is it everything you had hoped for?
The creative process for the "Fear Of Missing Out" video was really in the hands of director Robert Sawyer. He, along with producer Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, made sure the production value was on par with the award-winning pieces they have been involved with. Truthfully, they have surpassed my expectations in every way possible. I mean, I am a film enthusiast and I geek out on cinematography and directors. I have also been on film and music video sets. I'm easy to work with but not easily impressed and every detail from cast and crew to creative vision has me blown away. I am blessed and honored to be associated with this production. Without a spoiler alert, I can tell you that the music video slightly deals with the human condition, the unknown, and the fear of missing out. Also, it's an all-female cast including local performance artist Ana Mendez. 
Talk a bit about the debut show and what attendees can expect.
Friday night we will be performing all of the new EP, some older songs, and even a special cover of David Bowie's "Up The Hill Backwards." I'm stoked that electro-duo denabi will also be performing. I'm a fan of Phaxas and Nabedi Osorio's work as individual musicians and love the sound they are both making together. Of course, we will also be premiering the music video live at Libertine that night, and we will have the new vinyl EP available, too.

Finally, it's been a long journey to get to this moment. How are you feeling about everything as the day approaches? What do you think about when you look back at your progress?
This is our third release, and I'm grateful that Ulysses and I have met up in this aesthetic of music with its own distinct sound... Most pop music is written in what’s called even time, like 4/4, so the beat is simple to follow or dance to. Now for us, writing a song in odd time, like "Fear Of Missing Out," is second nature as we are both prog rock fans, but looking up from my instrument to a front row of mostly women dancing to a song in 5/4 — not even time — has been like a revelation to me, an encouragement that originality in music can make for a more personal impact. It’s the difference between a mass-produced product made for mass consumption and something unique and handcrafted. That we were able to finance most of the music video on fan-based support moves me, and now I'm overjoyed to celebrate the results on Friday night.

Cog Nomen Debut Party with denabi. 11 p.m. Friday, May 20, at Libertine, 34 NE 11th St., Downtown Miami; 305-363-2120; libertinemiami.com. Admission is $10. 

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