Club Space's Weekly DJ Livestream Continues With Danny Daze, Moscoman, and Others

Miss the days of partying on the terrace of Club Space?
Miss the days of partying on the terrace of Club Space? Photo by Karli Evans
click to enlarge Miss the days of partying on the terrace of Club Space? - PHOTO BY KARLI EVANS
Miss the days of partying on the terrace of Club Space?
Photo by Karli Evans
Not a day goes by when Club Space’s Instagram feed fails to share posts from its stalwart patrons (AKA Space Invaders), who often tag the downtown Miami venue with throwback videos from the upstairs terrace at sunrise or images of themselves sporting branded merchandise. It's the only way they know to support the dance club while it remains shuttered during the pandemic.

“When you take things for granted, the saying ‘Music is life; music can heal; music can bring us together’ becomes empty,” Space co-owner Coloma Kaboomsky says. “The current situation has done something beautiful and filled these words with meaning.”

To boost morale and give back to the community, Space has teamed up with co-owner Insomniac and Red Bull to produce a series of livestreams that air at 4 p.m. every Thursday for six weeks on the club's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“For us, it’s really important to bring music to people from the terrace. We could push a SoundCloud and a Spotify playlist — which we will — and push the digital music, but the fact that it’s happening on the terrace and you kind of feel like you are in a familiar place really gives a lot,” Kaboomsky says.

He says the idea of a weekly series solidified after the Italian DJ/producer Marco Carola played a two-hour livestream during what would have been Miami Music Week.

“It really struck a nerve that a DJ of his caliber would want to volunteer to do a stream at the terrace and pay his respects not only to the venue but to the people, and to the people of Italy who could watch the stream in the evening.”
The livestream's midweek afternoon schedule is no gaffe — it was done on purpose.

“We wanted to stress the fact that people should not be gathering,” Kaboomsky explains. "Right now is the time to truly exert social distancing and stay at home. That’s the message: Stay at home so we can rave again. So by doing it at that day and time, we thought it could prevent [people] from having a house party or have a reason to gather.”

New York’s Serge Devant kicked off the series last week. His set was a resounding success in terms of video and sound quality from Space’s sound engineers and videographers. In the absence of proper ravers, the terrace's luscious plants, which have been enjoying the absence of cigarette smoke, swayed amid stern bass and tech-house track selections.

The schedule for the remaining five weeks: Shiba San on April 23, followed by DJ Tennis (April 30), Danny Daze (May 7), Moscoman (May 14), and Ms. Mada (May 21).

On Instagram, DJ Tennis (AKA Manfredi Romano) teased about his upcoming stream: “I am happy to support my scene by giving back [through] my favorite music and with the hope that we meet in person next time.”

Each set will last at least three hours and will be posted on Space’s YouTube channel so devotees can watch at their leisure.

Speaking with New Times, Kaboomsky alluded to a few projects Space has in the works, including fitness classes, private-invite DJ sets, and what he described as “rogue streams” — DJ sets from different locations during which viewers will be invited to donate to local charities.

“It’s another one of those silver linings during this pandemic: We are all in this together.”

Club Space. 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 786-357-6456; Stream via
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