Circa 28 Gets Electrified

The sudden closure of Circa 28 late last year came as a shock to us. However, after the bar parted ways with Sweat Records' Lolo Reskin, Circa's Saturday nights were never really the same. By the end, Safe promoter Diego Martinelli came in and booked acts like M.A.N.D.Y. to play, but we suppose it was too late because shortly there after the place went bust.

But the Wynwood locale is about to get a second chance. We had heard rumors that the place was planning to reopen but never had any concrete evidence until we received an invite for the Crosstown Rebels' WMC party at a new venue called Electric Pickle at 2826 N Miami Ave., Circa 28's former address.

Further investigation yeiled that Aquabooty's Tomas Ceddia and Boogie

Miami's Will Renuart are behind the new incarnation. Ceddia confirmed

the information via e-mail and said he would be glad to answer any

questions we had next week.

But we are a bit impatient, so here is what we've found out so far: The

venue is getting an impressive Dynacord sound system upgrade. Also, it

was suppose to open February 14 with the Konrad Black event (which is now at Glass), but premit issues didn't allow that to happen.

Because of Ceddia and Renuart's involvement, it's safe to say that

house music is going to make up core of the venue, but we wonder if

they are going to pander to Miami's indie scene, particuarly because

that's the area's primary patrons. We suppose those are just one of the

questions we'll ask Ceddia next week.

Also, Crosstown Rebels' WMC party, Get Lost, happens Saturday, March 27, with Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Butane, Droog DJs, Lee Curtiss and Clive Henry from 5 a.m. to midday. Tickets will be available at www.wantickets.com.

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