Chum Bucket Father's Day at Churchill's Pub June 19

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than by taking the old man to a punk show? Surely he'd appreciate the angry vocals, distorted guitars, and angst-filled lyrics over a showing of Green Lantern's pussy CGI effects. Or maybe you can just sit him at the bar for a cheap cold one while you rage your heart away at the foot of the stage.

Either way, Chum Bucket's June 19 show at Churchill's Pub is sure to be the ideal bonding experience for you and your pops. A night of punk and hardcore noise with bands such as Aype, Cumon Christ, Terra Nullius, Moirae, Devalued, and 2Slow2React is bound to be the perfect backdrop for unleashing all your daddy issues.

Who knows, after drinking a few pints and screaming along to throat-shreddingly emotive lyrics, you might learn a lot more than you knew about the guy you thought was your father.

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Alexandra Leon
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