It's Chrome-o-o-o-o-oh!

Chromeo Bringing Their Fancy Footwork to Heathrow October 31

Oh Chromeo. We remember seeing you play at Circa 28 during Winter Music Conference 2007. Back then, you had released your debut album She's In Control, which was filled with syrupy synthetic beats and Prince-like melodies -- in other words, it was sex on a platter served via electronic beats.

Since then, you've released a second album, Fancy Footwork, which is arguably better than your debut, and subsequently achieved some mainstream success. Your videos occasionally pop up on MTV, where you were even featured as Artist of the Week, and you even managed to pack the house when you performed at The Fifth earlier this year. The cherry on top was hearing local urban radio station Power 96 play your single "Bonafied Lovin'."

So here you are, returning to Miami, this time at South Beach's Heathrow Lounge, to spook us on October 31, Halloween, with a DJ set that we hope is filled with retro-style tracks with a ting of electro. And all just for $20. Couldn't get any better.

Until then, we'll just bop our heads to your latest single, "Momma's Boy," which is just as addictive as every other song you've released. Video after the jump.

-- Jose D. Duran

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