Chris Brown Hosts Big Booty Stripper Smackdown in Miami Tomorrow Night

Aside from being crazy stupid musical geniuses, R&B pop star Chris Brown and nimrod rapper Gucci Mane have a lot in common.

For example, they've really got a way with the ladies. By which, of course, we mean that both C. Breezy and Radric Davis have been involved in unfortunate physical altercations with women.

In Brown's case, we're talking about the time he beat the crap out of Rihanna. Meanwhile, Gucci's guilty of throwin' a ho from a moving vehicle, a crime that's earned him all kinds of jail time.

But also ... Homeboys love them some big-booty strippers.

Back in July, fresh from Fulton County Jail and hungry for action, Gucci hit the streets, chartered a private jet for Miami, and tweeted his intention to party ("I'm back bitch gucci back bitch did u miss me or miss my raps bitch...") before shuffling over to legendary 305 gentleman's club King of Diamonds for a full evening of titillating stripper fistfights.

Similarly, Chris Brown will be popping off at KOD tomorrow night. But unlike Mr. Mane (who just got sentenced to another six months in prison for that incident involving a female friend and an SUV), Señor Breezy is trying to stay outta trouble these days.

CBE - Spend It All (18+) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

So when he hosts his very own stripper smackdown -- AKA "The Official F.A.M.E. Tour Afterparty" -- following his slow-jam hump sesh at the American Airlines Arena, expect nothing rougher than booze, boobies, big booties, and gentlemanly behavior.

The new C. Breezy don't leave bruises.

Chris Brown's Official F.A.M.E. Tour Afterparty. Wednesday, October 5. King of Diamonds, 17800 NE Fifth Ave., North Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-999-9500.

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