Chris Brown Graffitis Miami Building: Five Reasons for Breezy to Quit Music for Street Art

We know Chris Brown can dance, and we know he's moody, but now we can say without a doubt that he's a "true artist."

Not only is he gifted in the realm of hip-shaking and heart-breaking, he can really strut his stuff with a spray can. He came down to our home turf to show off his skills for kids and street art lovers, and the pictures prove he knows what he's doing.

Actually, we're starting to think he should do this full-time. Hear us out, Breezy.

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These days, you can't just be a musician. A move toward street art shows versatility, originality and creativity. It's better than hawking liquor!

Street art is inspiring. We're not sure we can say the same about "Don't Wake Me Up."

These kids are really digging this. Graffiti might be Brown's best move for reaching out to a newer generation.

Street art leaves a lasting impression on the minds of residents and can make a real difference in every-day life. Chris Brown needs to be remembered for something other than hitting Rihanna, and this could be his ticket to a long-lasting, positive legacy.

Street art is not a crime, and almost everything else Chris Brown does is. Time for a switch-up!

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