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Chris Brown Goes Chris Brown on a Window, Shatters Glass in NYC

Chris Brown's new album, F.A.M.E., is out today, and so is part of a window at Good Morning America's New York City studio.

Various sources are reporting that the 21-year-old pop-star-with-major-anger-issues went all Chris Brown on a window, smashin' that bitch after becoming enraged during an on-air interview with GMA's Robin Roberts.

Here's how it went down: Roberts repeatedly questioned Brown about Rihanna-gate, and this infuriated him.

He tried redirecting the questions to promote his horrible album. But in typical Chris Brown fashion, he failed to succeed.

After the interview, he ran into his dressing room, yelling "loud enough to warrant a visit from security," according to the Daily News. He allegedly smashed a window (TMZ posted a picture) which resulted in shards of glass raining down onto 43rd and Broadway. Pedestrians quickly reached for the umbrellas, 'ellas, 'ellas to protect themselves from Brown's fury.

Like any low-class fool ready to throw down, Brown took off his shirt and (sort of) threatened a GMA segment producer with a violent, up-close-and-personal stare down, and TMZ reports, "People from the show got in between Chris and the producer to diffuse the situation."

Who would've ever guessed that Chris Brown could be so violent?

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