Chino y Nacho at Grand Central for the Premios Juventud VIP Tour Tonight

Are you literally giddy with excitement over Premios Juventud tomorrow, and tickets to the show be damned? Or perhaps all Spanish language tunage isn't necessarily your thing, but you do like to get down to the dulcet ghetto-tones of reggaeton. You know, do a little perreando. Get your boricuada on. Well, then this next bit will very likely have you needing to change your Jockeys. Tonight, the Premios Juventud VIP tour comes to Miami, following great success in Chicago, NewYork, L.A. and Houston.

The series is meant to hype up the impending award show, culminating in one stellar preshow bash the night before the ceremonies. And who's the act, you're wondering? It's Chino y Nacho. They're actually not Puerto Rican, but this Venezuelan duo has pretty much reigned the reggaeton realm for the past year with their hit single "Mi Niña Bonita." Indicative of their general style, the track is the sort of romantic reggaeton that's been the trend of late. And that single? Still at the top of the Latin charts.

The event is private, but the good news is limited invitations are still available via contests on Univison.com, Mix 98.3, and Dr. Pepper events. It's just gonna take a little digging on your part. And a little luck.

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