Celebrate National Record Store Day at Sweat Records and Radio-Active Records

Remember record stores? They were the place you bought those plastic silvery things called CDs and also where you could pick up vinyl if you were trying to be über-authentic. Ah, yes the days before iTunes. But while Sam Goodys and FYEs might not be commonplace anymore, local records stores still seem to hold a place in our hearts. Perhaps that's why National Record Store Day was invented, to remind us there is nothing better then tearing into the CD packaging of that Norwegian black metal, polka, funk band nobody knows about except you.

Miami's own Sweat Records will be taking part of the celebration, as well as celebrating its fourth-year anniversary, as pointed out by Miami New Times assistant calendar editor P. Scott Cunningham this week in our Night & Day section. The event will feature indie-only releases, the WVUM DJs, a performance by Panic Bomber, an ice cream truck, kegs and cupcakes.

But in case you live north of the county line, Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records is also celebrating the day with a record cover art show, 10 percent off everything and live DJs.

So wherever in South Florida you may be, make sure to wish your local record store owner a Happy National Record Store Day. We wonder if they make greeting cards for that?

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