Cavity's Wounded EP Is a Monument to Feedback, Distortion, and Savagery


Wounded EP

(No! Records)

I remember Dan Gorostiaga tracking me down amid the many thoroughfares of Florida International University back in 1998 and giving me a copy of this seven-inch.

Like all Cavity releases, it featured great cover art and even better music within its grooves. But like all Cavity releases, this one was many years in the making and featured a small army of personnel.

But first, let's get the who's who out of the way ... As always, Dan's the man on the bass. The drumming was done by Jorge "The Sweet" Alvarez on Side A and Dan Norris on Side B. Guitars were handled by Anthony Vialon on Side A and Ryan Weinstein on Side B, with Vialon providing vocals on "Wounded" and Rene Barge on the rest. Incidentally, the A-side was recorded at Tapeworm Studios on March of 1995 by Jeremy Du Bois and the flip by Captain Steve Heritage at Morrisound on November 1997.

"Wounded" opens the EP with what seems like a live recording at a raucous house. It is all feedback and distortion and savagery. This is followed by a Cavity classic, "Human Abjection," marked by Barge's trademark painful wail. While I love a Cavity recording as much as the next guy, there was something extra about seeing him wield the microphone live. Fucking brutal.

The B-side opens with the not-so-anonymous feedback and guitar tromp of "Untitled," a piece that takes the sinister a step further. It is a great, neck-pain-inducing headbanger. And then the EP closes with a peculiar choice for a cover as Cavity takes the Germs' longest track, "Shutdown (Annihilation Man)," and compresses it into a succinct three-minute blast. In a weird way, it points out this sludge metal outfit's not-so-obvious punk and hardcore roots.

This EP was released in 1998 on No! Records and bears the cutter Zero-10. Three-quarters of Wounded can be found on the Miscellaneous Recollections '92-'97 compilation disc. In the end, this is a seven-inch you'd want in your collection. It's freaking good! Let's get these mothers back on stage! 

Download: Cavity's "Shutdown" (Annihilation Man)"

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Abel Folgar