Catch It Live!

They've got the look, they're gettin' the buzz, and their sound is straight out of a New York garage via Memphis. This is the kind of lo-fi, hi-fuzz sound that rattled the windows of the neighbors' houses across the U.S.A. -- 30 years ago plus.

Named after a couple of mates from the Sixties Kraut band Can, New York City-based the Mooney Suzuki is burning up stages all over the land with a return to the raw sound of early Stones, the MC5, Velvet Underground, the Faces (you get the idea) -- all spewed forth with the manic energy of the Stooges.

But while the members were a good ten years from fetushood when Iggy first waved his Johnson at the audience, the Mooney Suzuki appears to be more than a mere revival band. Unlike Make-Up, Delta 72, and any of the other "Hey-look-at-us-we're-retro!"-wink-wink bands out there, these guys are method actors who have gone so far into their roles, they've come out the other side. One day you may read how they influenced the Ramones.

Whatever your reaction to all things old becoming new again, the Mooney Suzuki is sure to power up the house and leave every ounce of sweat and what have you onstage, just like the old guys used to do.

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John Anderson