Catch It Live

If your language has flow, but you're not feeling thuggish; if you believe black is beautiful without diamonds or thongs; if you would never refer to your man with the n word or your woman as a 'ho; if the Source does not represent your idea of hip-hop culture, then avoid the South Beach madness this week and chill at the Funk Jazz Lounge. Hosted by on-air personality Demus of Hot 105.1 (WHQT-FM) -- whose radio program by the same name runs Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. -- and promoted by the all-female Misto L.E.S. Promotions, the lounge takes the edge off with the smooth urban sounds of DJs the Brass King and the Rare Grooves Selector; spoken-word hosted by poet Rashida Bartley; and conscious hip-hop, funk, jazz, and R&B by local favorites like Lee Williams and the Square Egg, Elementz of Soul, and Big Brooklyn Red live on the patio. A Trip through the Mind plays tonight. Tie on your headwrap and head out for a night under the stars.

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