Catch It Live!

This business carbonation/Less pop -- more fizz/Coming over the radio station/It's killing us kids. Enon frontman John Schmersal knows of what he speaks. While the rest of the music world desperately tries to cram into pigeonholes for mass consumption, Enon's goal is to spray fire over every genre possible. Postpunk, soul, synth pop, noisecore, and lounge jazz are but a few of the bases covered by this indie rock supergroup containing former members of Brainiac, Skeleton Key, and Blonde Redhead.

Enon's two albums, Believo! and High Society, are worthy listens that put to shame 98 percent of anything recorded -- but their live show is where Enon truly shines. Schmersal is a consummate showman who loves to engage the audience with guerrilla-theater tactics. When he's not forcing crowd members to sing along to songs they shamefully haven't learned, Schmersal picks up his ax and gives up the mike to bassist Toko Yasuda, who has the sexiest voice heard since Kim Deal was "Gigantic." If that's not enough to grab you, guitarist Rick Lee spins hooks as memorable as Mick Ronson's when he was a Spider From Mars ... unless it's one of Enon's electro numbers that calls for Lee pounding his vintage synths like a rabid Gary Numan. If that's not enough to get you out of the La-Z-Boy, you simply don't have a pulse.

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Tom Bowker