Catch It Live!

An emerging guitarist from Texas, Hadden Sayers bares his knuckles and jabs with powerful blues hooks on his latest Ultrasonic release, unveiling licks that aren't so much fast as they are tasty and rich, and a voice that beams a maturity extending beyond his years, both lyrically and sonically. Formed in 1994 after Sayers's stints with acts including child prodigy guitarist Lucky Peterson and Midwest blues act Miss Molly and the Whips, the Hadden Sayers Band (Sayers, drummer Matt Johnson, and bassist Terry Dry) has steered its Texas rock performances across the States and to Europe, releasing four albums and earning numerous "Best Of" distinctions in its Houston hometown. But no matter where it plays, to listen to the Hadden Sayers Band is to sit in a dive bar, eat chicken wings marinated Southern-style, kick back a few cold ones (dollar drafts, presumably), and listen to a set list that, for a welcome change, doesn't include worn-out covers like "Freebird" or "Ride Sally Ride."

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Omar Perez