Cassette Store Day 2014 Comes to Miami: "Tapes Are Part of Our Music Culture Again"

No one in the Magic City understands the magic of music on cassette like Patrick Garcia and Michelle Grand of Cheap Miami, the first audiotape-only record label in the 305 since the CD and MP3 takeover.

"I think I just wanted a really cool, affordable way to start releasing music," Garcia says. "Vinyl is so expensive. It costs ten times as much as a cassette to produce. Tapes are superaffordable and I like getting really creative with the packaging."

Now, going on their second year with Cheap Miami, Patrick and Michelle are joining forces with Sweat Records and Churchill's Pub to bring Cassette Store Day 2014 to Miami on Saturday, September 27.

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Much like Record Store Day, this latest music lovers' holiday aims to promote scene solidarity with live local tuneage and exclusive tape releases, which will include a Cheap Miami compilation of all the bands performing in the Magic City that day. Check 'em out below.

Cassette Store Day 2014 Lineup

-Deaf Poets

-The Grey 8s

-The Gun Hoes

-Plastic Pinks


-The Gazms


-The band in Heaven

-Red Nectar


-The Bearings

-Sweet Bronco

-Sonic Graffiti

-The Fus Ro Das

-Booty and the Browns



The idea for CSD originated from the United Kingdom's Sexbeat Records, Suplex Cassettes, and Kissability.

As Sexbeat boss and Cassette Store Day co-founder Steve Rose told Billboard last year: "I came up with the idea on Record Store Day [2013], when instead of taking part in the festivities, I was sitting at home putting cassette inlays into cases for my friends' band Bad Sports, and figured that it was about time that cassettes had their own day."

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