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'Cane Records Showcase With Ketchy Shuby, Juke, and Others at Transit Tonight

Ah, college. It's a hell of a time. Beer flowing freely from kegs, homecoming, Spring Break, and walks of shame across campus as morning light casts its accusing glare upon you.

But some students actually choose to do something constructive with the time they spend at institutions of higher learning. Namely bands and musicians. That might seem like a joke, calling musicians constructive. And usually it would be. But thanks to 'Cane Records, we're dead serious.

"It provides invaluable opportunities to two different groups, aspiring music artists, and music business students," says 'Cane Records faculty advisor Serona Elton.

It was first set up at the University of Miami in fall of 1993 at the U's school of music, and it's been instructing students in all matters of the music biz -- from running a label to recording to developing artists -- ever since.

"The 'Cane Records student staff works to assist the artists by helping them develop their online presence, get audio production mixing assistance, and create professionally produced content such as live-performance video footage and photographs," she points out. "Providing this assistance to the artists gives the 'Cane Records student staff real-world experience."

"We wanted to find a way to give aspiring artists a leg up," she goes on to say. "Without necessarily expecting anything from them in return."

Breaking the Surface Vol. I Miami Artists on Rise is a prime example of that philosophy in practice. The latest release on this teaching-tool-turned-imprint, Breaking the Silence is getting launched in pro fashion, along with a complete showcase tonight at Transit Lounge, that will feature a who's who of local talent.

"To be included in this project with these amazing musicians has been an honor and a blessing," says Jay of local downbeat soulsters Ketchy Shuby, who will be among the lineup of talent on hand for the show. "We are going to destroy Transit."

Joining them onstage for the 'Cane Records showcase will be Juke, Depgroov, John Paul Sidoni, John Splithoff, and Eddy Bayes.

"While this model would not make sense to a commercial independent record label," reasons Elton, "it makes complete sense for a student-run label that is part of a university."

Ketchy Shuby, Juke, Depgroov, John Paul Sidoni, John Splithoff, and Eddy Bayes. Thursday, April 7. Transit Lounge, 729 SW 1 Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and there's no cover. Promo copies of the album will be given out at the door. Call 305-377-4628 or visit transitlounge.us.

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