Cam'Ron Wants You To Smell His Balls at Bardot October 27

Cam'ron and his assorted homies (including Jim Jones and Juelz Santana) have been a major presence on the rap scene for over a decade. And if he keeps up his grind, he'll be one of the few who stay relevant for two.

Cam (real name Cameron Giles) has been averaging an album a year (sometimes two) since 1999, and that doesn't include a deep well of mixtapes. And as head-honcho of the post-Cash Money, pre-Odd Future pop-rap hip-hop collective The Diplotmats (AKA The Dipset), Giles successfully followed the Wu-Tang model of reverse supergroupdom.

His latest offering, a collaboration with protege Vado entitled, Gunz N' Butta, keeps the Cam tram jugging along with classic production, masterful pop sensibility, and 'Ron's signature lewd and crude attitude.

In fact, the first line of "Girls Cry," is "When it come to my girl, I could tell it all/When come in the house, she wanna smell my balls."

On October 27, the Smell Yo' Dick train comes to Bardot. So we too will have the opportunity to court Cam'ron, become his main bitch, move into one of his condos, and lounge in daisy dukes all day. And then a month or two down the line, we'll start flippin' our weave about why his weiner "smell like soap if [he] were playin' ball."

We play this role not only out of pure fandom, but also an earnest love for the work. All rappers, even playful Gs like Cam'ron, need a muse. And wouldn't it be wonderful to say you were the triflin' ho that nagged a member of the Dipset so much that he wrote a single about you giving his nuts a sniff-test?

Cam'ron with Keen One. October 27. Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-576-7750 or visit bardotmiami.com.

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