Camp Kill Yourself Playing Culture Room July 28

Camp Kill Yourself, aka CKY, is coming to town on July 28 to play the Culture Room. If you're at all familiar with the CKY videos or have paid attention to the music in Jackass and all its spinoffs, you've certainly heard CKY's music. Deron Miller, Chad Ginsburg, Matt Deis, and Jess Margera (Bam's brother) are releasing their latest CD Carver City today and hitting the road next month to promote it. Do yourself a favor, provided you're not easily offended/grossed out: Seek out the DVD for CKY2K, grab a few intoxicators and prepare to laugh your ass off while listening to CKY's music. Then, feel free to drop $14.99 this Friday, when tickets go on sale, and catch the metal wave at Culture Room.

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Brett Gillin