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Calling Local Ladies: The Dimepiece Magazine Model Search Wants Your Ass Tonight

Hey, ladies. If you haven't already flipped through a full issue of Dimepiece (or rocked a thong, high heels, and hoop earrings in its pages), let us explain: This is the kind of printed matter often described as "a gentlemen's magazine." And no, we don't mean porn.

Go ahead, peek into your boyfriend, brother, or daddy's reading rack ... Found the Summer Issue featuring violet vixen Suelyn? OK, so now you know it's really just a classy monthly compendium of all those things of great concern to every discerning gentlemen: Babes (or "urban models"), booze (or "alcoholic beverages"), and rap music.

Anyway, Dimepiece is tossing a Model Search at Cameo tonight as part of Lapdance Tuesdays. Get on the list, slip into some gold lame, and do your booty shots. It's audition time.

Expect sexy music, bottle service, and big beautiful butts -- not to mention certified Dimepiece girls Alexis Lugo, Emmaly Lugo, Miss Kat, Tasha Ford, and Tiffany Upshaw who will all be there, queening over the proceedings.

Now ... Do you have what it takes to be a Dimepiece?

Lapdance Tuesdays presents the Dimepiece Magazine Model Search. Tuesday, October 5. Cameo Theatre, 1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. 786-235-5800;

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S. Pajot