Caligula on Gucci Mane: "We Hope He Won't Sue Us"

Bass is the explosive power of a trillion pent up neutrons elbow dropping through the moshpit of your skull. We discovered it on three shining drops of strong Miami acid and you can too. So power your speakers to the red line, drop the needle on that new Caligula, "Sublimation," and prepare to have your mind blown.

Saturday, November 30, the Smog City Series rolls into Grand Central, and the hometown homies are cracking the club open like a coconut to get the party started right.

They're debuting the four new tracks on their fresh EP, and promise so much speaker-boom your soul might leave its shell and leave you dying on the dance floor.

For Caligula, it's a ritual. "We've played with 12th five or six times," says Mikey Millons. "He's a friend of ours. And, he's one of the greats. He helped make dubstep popular worldwide. Even in the London scene, where the style was born, he still gets his respect."

But now the group that forged their musical identity on following in his footsteps are entering the trap music realm.

"We've been expanding our sound overall," says Millions, "But the common link through everything we do is bass. And the shit we've been playing at the last bunch of shows has been really heavily influenced by the early trap sound out of ATL. I love hip-hop, and that pure Southern rap has always been one of my favorite types of music."

Caligula won't be the first in that game, but like any street corner crack slinger knows, a crowd will always line up to be the first to buy a real dope product.

"We're taking the mid '00s sound of Young Jeezy, and TI, everything we look back on as almost classic now, and giving it to the people mixed right into their EDM. Which is what they love. And you gotta give the people what they love."

One of the most venerated stylists the trap genre has produced is Gucci Mane; he of famous murder acquittal, and ice cream-tattooed face. The Alabama born rapper's assault rifle symphonies, and sleepless cocaine tirades have earned him a worshiping legion of fans in the dance music world.

"Gucci mane is a true innovator," says Mikey Millions. "People always emmulate him -- us included -- and you're gonna hear him on our new song 'Gissum,' with a sample off his song 'Freaky Girl...' Hopefully, he wont sue us."

But if Gucci does call a lawyer and place a cease and desist on the tracks they're selling, Caligula say they'll welcome the attention. "We're just out here tryin' to build."

And with a freshiy inked deal with Teal Blue Managament, long standing ties to the Overthrow, and an upcoming slot on December's massive Life In Color blowout at Sun Life Stadium, Caligula are playing to win by any means necessary.

"It's gonna be a hell of a way to end out the year," they say, "and we wanna thank Poplife for making it happen."

Smog City Series and Poplife present 12th Planet, Caligula, Flinch, and Too Fresh. 10 p.m., Saturday, November 30, at Grand Central, 697 N Miami Ave, Miami. Tickets cost $20 to $25 plus fees. Visit grandcentralmiami.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.