Caligula Brings the Wobble for The Corruption Mixtape

The wobbly bass line is just as important to dupstep as analog sounds were to French electro-house.

So you can't fault Caligula, the local dynamic duo of Obi Tawil and Mike Larson, for always featuring it prominently. However, with The Rise EP, which was released in March, Tawil and Larson almost seemed to rebelling against it. Tracks like "Light in the Dark" and "Like Poison" had deep but not necessarily hard bass, almost as if these were R&B jams. And yet the duo's latest offering, The Corruption, forgoes the seductive nature of The Rise for a balls-to-the-wall mix of dubstep, jungle, drum 'n' bass, and the like.

We spoke to Tawil, who's in the midst of working on new tracks, about the new release and Caligula's next move.

New Times: What are you up to these days?

Obi Tawil: Nothing much, just working on some music.

I know. I always see you on Twitter talking about being in the studio.

Yeah, just trying to get more stuff done.

So the new mixtape, The Corruption, what's the thought behind it?

Our EP was kind of mellow, and we -- especially me -- wanted a nasty, heavy bass, just-like-a-rave mixtape that we could play to thousands of screaming kids. If you listen to the mixtape, there is nothing on there that's mellow. It's really hard. Like, my mom will not listen to this.

I listened to The Rise, and I was surprised how mellow it was. When you think dubstep, you don't think mellow. Even though that's not true, dubstep can be mellow when it wants to be. But you know the kids love that rattling bass.

Yeah, that's another thing Mikey and I talked about. We kind of felt in this weird way that we were losing some love, so we were like, "We can definitely go harder."

I was in London recently, and I went to Fabric and this UK grime show. My handler there was like, "This is what they love. Everyone wants to hear the hard stuff." She also told me, "Everyone here listens to mixtapes. You make a mixtape and I can push it over here for you." So I started most of [The Corruption] in London and finished it in Miami. So I was kind of inspired by a lot of that heavy bass.

We are going to release another mixtape soon that's just our music, because I think we have like 30 tracks now. I didn't really want to put much of our stuff on [The Corruption]. It's got a lot of edits of our [stuff] and the last song on there is off our EP. But for the most part, it's just the music that we love.

I also saw you released a remix of Katy Perry's "E.T." Is that a sanctioned mixed or bootleg?

That's a bootleg. We are trying to see if we can get it approved.

Really, these days you don't need to have the artist approve a remix in order for it to get popular.

We found the acapella track online, so I'm think there must have been some kind of remix contest. Mikey and I didn't even know that song existed, to be honest with you. But this guy we know, who is this big-time manager, told us, "You guys should do a remix to this Katy Perry track." We were like, Whatever. But then he sent me the song and I realized this could potentially get big. That Kid Cudi track of ours got like 150,000 plays. It's, like, ridiculous. So we were looking for something else to remix.

What's next for you guys other than the shows at the Fillmore?

We are trying to see about getting signed to an agency. Once we get an agent, hopefully we'll be on the road. We do have one gig playing at the Hollywood Palladium, August 20, with Zeds Dead. That's sort of our first out-of-town show.

Stream The Corruption:

Or download the mixtape from official.fm.

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