Cale Parks

It's hugely doubtful this disc will get much attention outside the cabal of indie completists who experience palpitations at the thought of Aloha, unfortunately. And even if you're down with that, we're talking about the group's drummer/second-banana-singer gone solo here. Other curious passersby, however, are in for something resembling a treat if they decide to gamble a few precious seconds of iPod download on this debut. Though this music is not as instrumentally meaty as the basic Aloha premise, Parks has his own ideas on magnetic soundscaping, offering bright but not screamingly moody progressions that riff, bloop, and cartwheel pleasantly — like Flowchart trying to charm the pants off a cute toaster. Layers are stacked loosely upon layers well suited to each other, invariably settling into things such as Orb-like IDM grooves ("Tiny Theme"), fractal arpeggios ("Wet Paint"), and postprog Asia-versus-Microdot jams ("Fearsome Opponent"). Best Where's Waldo?-like sample: the munchkin-voiced Fame-Fame-Fames made famous by Bowie ("Halls of Avalon").

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Eric W. Saeger