Cafe Tacvba's 20ReCT25 Tour, Celebrating 25th Anniversary - Olympia Theater, Miami

Café Tacvba's 20ReCT25 Tour

Presented by Jack Daniel's

Olympia Theater at Gusman Center, Miami

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last night, Mexican rock band Café Tacvba kicked off its 20ReCT25 Tour at the Olympia Theater in downtown Miami.

This tour is a celebration of the band's 25th anniversary, as well as the 20 years since its very successful second album, Re. That record changed the path of Café Tacvba's musical career and the course of contemporary Latin rock.

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Re got mixed reviews when it was released in 1994. Some people just didn't get los Tacubos' style. Music critics said they were funny and didn't take them seriously.

But with songs like "Ingrata" ("The Ingrate") and "El Baile y el Salón" ("The Dance and the Ballroom"), they changed the way Spanish-language rock 'n' roll was perceived, and they defined a new generation of music in Latin America.

Now, 20 years later, Re is considered one of the most important albums in its genre. And the band members -- Rubén, Joselo, Meme, and Quique -- have stated that the album doesn't belong to them anymore. It belongs to the fans who have followed them all this time.

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