Buggah Da Govannah Tells You Who's Haitian

Buggah D. Govannah (pronounced Governor) has been a fixture in Miami's hip-hop scene for a long time now. Here's an old picture of him with Wyclef. In this segment of Who's Haitian, Buggah gives you some black history, since it's February and all.

"I wanna start off with Herbie Lovebug, he produced Salt-N-Pepa, Kid N Play, and a bunch of other artists, those two stand out in my mind. There's Kangol Kid  from the group UTFO, they had that song "Roxanne Roxanne," he was the lead dude in that group, he's Haitian. You got a reggae artist by the name of Bigga Haitian, he came out years ago, roun the same time as Kangol Kid, but he was on a whole reggae thing, he's Haitian."

"Im tryin to go as far back to the beginnings as I can. More recently obviously Wyclef Jean and Pras of the Fugees. Harve Pierre who's Puffy's assistant, his right hand man, he's Haitian. You got the dude named Quddus, he was an MTV personality, he's of Haitian descent. Whoo Kid, he's Fitty Cents DJ and Tony Yayo who's part of the G Unit they're both Haitian. One of the biggest reggae promoters in south florida is Haitian, he's a low key dude, I'm not gonna say his name.

Catch Buggah on Island TV soon, he's got a tv show in production for Comcast channel 578, check out IslandTV.tv for more info. Anybody interested in a position as an intern, camera person, editor or host should call 305-919-7993.

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